In a nutshell, here is the idea.  We would like to bring the 18th century to the 21st century via the web in an interdisciplinary project based lesson with an authentic audience.  We would base the lesson off of the
Foxfire Magazine publication and teaching methods.  Have students research lost arts and Missouri heritage and combine their findings/articles in a wiki format much like Wikipedia.  The project would focus on “REAL WORLD” skills and bringing students and community together through discovering and appreciating local culture, history, and heritage.

We have talked to Kathleen Reiboldt  as the lead teacher to pilot the project.  We would like to approach Jason Cutler as well a history teachers, Darren Morgan would be great if still in the classroom!.  Charles Parker would be a great additional resource. We would start this as a class project but have dreams of it becoming much larger, maybe even a class.  Once again you can view the Foxfire site to see how their project exploded. Following are implementation steps and ideas:

  • Design Thinking with classes to envision website and content
  • Discuss/teach personal interview methods and protocol.
  • Discuss/teach solid research methodology
  • Discuss/teach documentation/citation rules
  • Students will select field of research and research their chosen topic
  • Students will organize and document their findings
  • Students will then share on the wiki

Content May Include:

  • Old timey ways:
    • Canning
    • Food storage
    • Gardening
    • Composting
    • Animal Husbandry
  • Old Songs:
  • Folktales
  • Poems:
  • History:
  • Folklore:
  • Folk medicine

Skills Needed:

  • One-on-one interview skills
  • Research–primary and secondary sources
  • Reading skills:  process analysis, narrative elements
  • Documentation/Citation of sources
  • Video/Audio recording plan and implementation
  • Writing–expository, narrative
  • Website creation and maintenance


  • Brad Belk, Joplin Historical Museum
  • Charles Parker, local reenactment actor
  • Carthage Civil War Museum
  • Joplin Historical Museum
  • Area farms:Frederickson Farms Pumpkin Patch
  • Ozark Archaeology Society
  • Max Hunter’s Folk Song Collection MSU

  • Branson Area –Baldknobbers–Shepherd of the Hills
  • Audobon Society–nature center and Springfield Nature Center
  • Ozark Public Television
  • SDC Crafters
  • Fort Scott Museum
  • MSU-Folklore Club–15 hour minor available at MSU
  • Larry Wood, former JHS Teacher-lives in area, and writes local history books


Each level of job has a unique set of responsibilities.  To do each job efficiently here are the tasks required:

____Research/Interview for content of article

____Write the article using peer editing, writer’s workshop and personal editing to polish the article.

_____Post your final copy of your article to Ozarkapeida-include a working title.  Articles should be posted by:  Monday December 10

_____Find a minimum of five(5) quality, copyright free images/photographs to be used with your article.  Personal photographs are acceptable.  Be your own photography! Send digital copies of your images–no URL’s.  All photos need to be to editors by: Tuesday December 11.

_____Provide your editor with a minimum of five(5) tags that could be used with your article.

_____Meet all deadlines as designated by your teacher/editor.

Class Editor:
_____Facilitate writer’s workshop

_____Double check that all contributors have Word Press/Ozarkapeida log-ins/training

_____Edit/revise all articles posted by your contributors.

_____Review all photos submitted.  Be sure and check for copyright issues and determine if the pictures/images are of a sufficient quality. Photos need to be named in all lowercase, separated by hyphens. Ex:  photo-one-quilting

_____Check that one photo per article is set to featured image.  Check with writers to see where additional pictures should be in article layout.

_____Check student profiles in Ozarkapedia to verify that public name is first name only.

_____Double check category for post–if new category is needed check with Faculty Editors.

____All photos need to be uploaded by: Wednesday December 12.

_____At the “Going Live” Party class editors will then upload articles to the web.

Chief Editors:

_____Double check that all class editors have Word Press/Ozarkapeida log-ins/training

_____Write/create your assigned page:  “About”, “Links”, “Educators”, “Leadership”, “Timeline”     These are due by end of day Tuesday December 11 Faculty Editors will then review.

_____Emails for PR/PBS–”Ozarks Magazine”, etc.  sent no later than: Monday December 10

_____Create Twitter account by:  Friday December 7-Twitter master needs to post multiple times each day.

_____Chief Editors need to oversee Class Editors/Contributors articles for accuracy, quality, and appropriateness.

_____PR Editor needs to re-connect with Kelli Price at Joplin Schools Admin to double check that press releases have been sent out.–Tuesday December 11

Faculty Editors: Classroom teacher and Instructional Coaches

_____Create template webpage

_____Train students on Word Press, Writer’s Workshop, Google Docs

_____Send out initial press release inviting dignitaries, etc to Going Live Party

_____Double check with principals regarding release for Editors’ working lunch

_____Divide classes and each faculty editor will review all articles/photos for those classes, as well as media release designation.

_____Along with classroom teacher choose editors, etc.

_____Facilitate “Going Live” event.



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