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Growing up a Preacher’s Kid

Old Peach Tree

Sharon Morris was the daughter of Everett and Mary Coleman. In 1928, her family donated land to the community where a church and schoolhouse were built. The church was called Peach Tree General Baptist Church, and it is still running today in the small town of Piedmont, Missouri. Everett and Mary lived on a farm with their six children, five boys and one girl. Everett worked at Brown Shoe Factory and was a preacher. Mary was a homemaker.

Although there were advantages and disadvantages to being a preacher’s kid, Morris said they still didn’t mind it. “It wasn’t bad. I can remember traveling to and from different churches in the car with a whole load of brothers.” However, she feels she was sometimes treated differently because of her father’s occupation.“Some of the popular girls would laugh about it. My closest friends didn’t.” Morris says that sometimes her life was different than her friends.  “My parents were always strict and I never got to go to school dances; that bothered me then.”

Sharon married Larry Morris and they raised two kids. She hopes that she has taught her children many things that she learned from her parents. “I wanted my kids to be able to participate in the sports and school activities that I couldn’t, but I do appreciateThe New Peach Tree growing up knowing I was loved and was taught values. These I tried to pass on to my children.”

Recalling memories from her childhood–some good, some not so good–Morris stated that “the worst I can remember was coming home in a bad snowstorm and wondering if we would make it. And then there was the time my dad hit a mule on the road on the way to church. We did go on to church, I believe.”

Morris now has four grandchildren with whom she is very close. How she was raised affected the way she raised her children and the way they are raising their children. She hopes her grandchildren will “be honest and work hard and love God.”

Though many kids have grown up as a preacher’s kid, Morris recognizes that the times have changed tremendously. “I think as a preacher’s kid now, they aren’t as strict and it is a lot easier to be in school activities.”

Many things have changed since the 1920s-1930s, but according to Morris the life of a preacher’s kid has stayed virtually the same.

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