By Samantha

Southwest Missouri has some of the richest history in the country. While conducting this project, our class found this out. The purpose of this project was to learn about the history of the area we live in, and to help preserve it. Mrs. Kathleen Reiboldt, our teacher, said that every single day we’re losing this information with these people passing. This was a way to enrich our own knowledge and appreciate our history.

Before Thanksgiving break, our class, along with the 5 other Pre-AP Communication Arts classes, were given an assignment to interview one of our elders, such as a family member or family friend. We were given several sample topics, such as animal husbandry, quilting, canning, etc. We were all aware that once we returned to school the following week, we would be asked to use the knowledge we obtained in the interview and create a small article. At this point in time, we had no idea the dramatic turn that this project would take.

Once we were back from our break, we found out that not only would we create an article, but that this article would be combined with every other students’ into an online magazine. With the help of Mr. Justin Crawford and Mrs. Rhonda Sloan, we began the construction of our website. Mr. Crawford and Mrs. Sloan are 21st Century Learning Coaches. They help out in classrooms all throughout the district with technology-related projects. You can view their website and learn more about their department at http://www.21stcenturyjhs.com/.

Once we had began writing our articles, about 5 students were pulled out of each class. These students’ titles were “classroom facilitators” and were given instructions using a writers workshop. This particular workshop focused on how to peer edit a document. Some key points were to not focus much on the grammatical side, but to focus on the structure itself. You were to give one positive comment and one constructive comment about each paragraph in the paper you were editing.

The facilitators took this new knowledge back to the room, and in groups of 3-5 students went through this process of peer editing. This way, each paper would be edited at least 5 times by the time this step was completed.

Each article included in this website went through many scanning eyes, and appeared on a multitude of computer screens. Every student, teacher, instructor, and facilitator played a key role in the construction of this website.

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